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Split Git Repo into individual components.




All developers.


Steps for the split

  1. X Make dev.horde.org read-only
  2. X Notify mailing lists
  3. X Split git repo with framework/bin/horde-git-split-all
  4. X Set up email updates for new repo
  5. X Add files to new repo
    • .travis.ini, .travis.yml
      • .gitignore
  6. X Create FRAMEWORK_5_2 branch in libraries
  7. X Update website


  1. Use more standard directory layout
    • X phpunit.xml and other dev tool configurations in base directory.
      • X README -> README.rst and COPYING -> LICENSE, and move to base directory.
      • PSR-4 layout
  2. Fix API doc generation
  3. Generate documentation for each repo
  4. Add package-specific entries to bugs.horde.org
  5. Go through all PRs and refer to new repos
  6. Archive horde repo



  1. X Prepare website with new instructions
  2. X Create script to automatically build list of apps/libs (for use by install script)
  3. O Create single installation script
    • X This script can create/clone the git repos as needed.
    • X All repos will be stored in a base folder
    • X Option to create a separate, web-accessible directory.
    • O Includes stuff in framework/bin (See Doc/Dev/Scripts)
      • O horde-generate-module -> move to skeleton/bin/skeleton-generate-module
      • X horde-rev-cmp (obsolete)
      • O horde-run-cmd
      • X install_dev
      • O install_framework (obsolete?)
      • O pear_batch_install
      • O test_framework
    • O Includes stuff in horde-support/maintenance-tools (See Doc/Dev/Scripts)
      • X horde-build-snaps (obsolete)
      • O horde-build-website-docs.sh
      • O horde-ckeditor
      • O horde-installer-phar-create
      • X horde-js-compress (obsolete)
      • X horde-patch-config.sh (obsolete)
      • O horde-update-ISO3166-countries
    • O Includes the groupware install code (in fact, the Horde_Core_Bundle code is probably a good place to start in terms of creating the install script).
    • O Use Horde_Pear libs to query for list of packages to install
    • O This script can be packaged via PHAR
      • O Allow config file
  4. O Create autoloader driver for use with script-facilitated development install
  5. O Create Vagrant image to allow for testing/development

Open Questions (Votes)

  • Prefix split repositories with "horde-"?
    • Jan: no
      • Mike: no
  • What to do with the "horde" base repository. Delete current "horde" repository and replace it with the current "horde" application, or find a new repository name for the current "horde" application and keep or empty the current "horde" repository.
    • Jan: leaning to the former
      • Mike: leaning to the later (Wouldn't deleting the contents of the current repository mess anyone who has it checked out?)
        • Outcome: use "base" as a name.

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