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Workflow application

Chuck Hagenbuch outlined an ambitious workflow module for horde back in 2008, but it has not been done.
I needed a simple thing to document, delegate and, possibly, semi-automate a set of repetitive, multi-step workflows.
I created a module "sueporter" which does exactly that in a minimum-effort way. The code needs some cosmetics before release, i.e. get license statements right and decide what is actually boilerplate, what is mine and what should be attributed to the authors of other horde modules which are copy-pasted.

I also consider either releasing it somewhere on github as "mine" or transfering copyright ownership to horde, if interested.

Item Status Priority Comment
Create Jobs out of defined workflows Works -- The original interest to create the thing
Create Workflows out of given Tasklets Works -- Minimal UI does exist / No ACLs
Create Tasklets through UI not implemented/DB commands needed high I want to get
Assign Jobs to users Works -- Simple list-all-users dropdown / no fallback for backends without user listing / no ACLs
Branching workflows Works/Subset medium
Automation hooks for certain tasklets high A simple hooking solution exists but the actual hooks implemented so far will stay unreleased - they are not useful to the general public - the whole automation probably should be redesigned and some example hooks given
tasklet type "freeform text + code copy/paste" Done -- The Code area is optional
parsing http links tbd medium Not sure if I want to switch to wicked's markup engine
various markup tbd low Not sure if I want to switch to wicked's markup engine
tasklet type "4 eyes approval" not implemented high This is something I want to use myself
switch to a different workflow possible, but not really implemented medium Currently, Step IDs only need to exist, but not necessarily in the same workflow
multiple choices (more than yes/no) not implemented medium Beyond scope of my initial project, but probably needed for a workflow thingy
interface to kronolith and/or nag not implemented low sadly, in my current use case this does not really make sense
interface to hermes not implemented very low only if anybody really uses hermes + this
real ajax instead of HordeCore.doAction + reload tbd medium this will be needed for large job lists and makes sense in most other areas
better CSS and proper icons instead of the same head everywhere tbd low I could not care less for my own current use case, but it really needs to be done
get copyright right and release alpha version tbd very high This should not rot in the dark
Import/Export workflows to some industry standard format tbd low This probably won`t be used very much and can consume a lot of time
Import/Export jobs to some libreoffice/closed source office readable spreadsheet format tbd medium Probably makes more sense than reporting features
Job list filters/searches not implemented high


Currently not on the horde tracker


Ralf Lang


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