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13 Jan Schneider 2017-10-09 Update for split repositories
12 Jan Schneider 2014-04-03 Highlighting
11 Jan Schneider 2013-09-04 Renamed page from Doc/Dev/ReleasePackageH4
10 Jan Schneider 2013-07-16 Cool, there is version sort
9 Jan Schneider 2013-05-28 One day...
8 Jan Schneider 2012-11-14 This works. At least as long as the local tags are up-to-date.
7 Jan Schneider 2012-11-14 Doesn't work in branches because we cannot determine the latest version of that branch
6 Jan Schneider 2012-11-14 Stay in the same branch
5 Jan Schneider 2011-11-01 Lowercase tags too
4 Gunnar Wrobel 2011-07-07 It should just be "release" if my last fixes work as expected. If not ping me ;)
3 Jan Schneider 2011-07-05 No more necessary
2 Jan Schneider 2011-05-18 How to find out changes
1 Michael Slusarz 2011-04-29