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+ Google Summer of Code 2008

Google is running their Summer of Code (http://code.google.com/soc/2008/) program again this year, and Horde will apply to be a mentoring organization. This page is a guide to participating with Horde, and the place to collect ideas for projects. It is mainly for those with project ideas and those interested in participating as a student. If you'd like to help out by mentoring, send a note to Horde's mentor coordinator, Chuck Hagenbuch (chuck at horde dot org).

If you are interested in participating as a student, please join our development mailing list (http://lists.horde.org/mailman/listinfo/dev) and say hello!

++ Project Suggestions

+++ Horde_Policy

Implement ((Project/HordePolicy)).

Implement HordePolicy.

++++++ Text Editor/Word Processor Module

Create a Horde module which allows users to create, WYSIWYG edit, store, and print (via PDF) HTML documents.

+++ VFS Metadata

Extend VFS to optionally support metadata attributes (such as category, description, license, version etc.) Attributes should be stored through a driver interface to allow later driver development like access to Documentum etc. The project should include a small Horde application to basically browse, search, and edit attributes - basically a very small document management system. This application would also serve as an example for implementing metadata in other applications.

+++ Horde Form Ajax Continuation

Follow up on last year's Horde_Form project (currently available in the incubator - http://cvs.horde.org/incubator/Horde_Form/). Update the code to use Prototype and Scriptaculous for the scripting basis, sync with the current Horde_Form code, and go from there. The ability to have any form switch between active and inactive rendered mode - optionally on a field-by-field basis - using in-place-edit functionality would be very slick.

+++ Horde SSL Certificate Authority

Develop a Horde application for managing SSL certificates. Possible functionality includes managing server certificates (for https, imaps, etc.) for administrators, and also allowing users to create end-user certificates for authentication and mail signing. For a bonus, integrate the user certificates with IMP to create a complete PKI management app.

+++ Sync web-albums

Complete API to allow remote programs/sites (with Ansel installed or not) to upload/edit/manage images and "vice versa". For example allow applications to view and update Picasa Web Albums content in the form of Google Data API feeds or allow copy a gallery from Ansel to flickr.com etc.