Last Modified 2008-04-03 by Chuck Hagenbuch

Google Summer of Code 2008

Google is running their Summer of Code (http://code.google.com/soc/2008/) program again this year, and Horde will apply to be a mentoring organization. This page is a guide to participating with Horde, and the place to collect ideas for projects. It is mainly for those with project ideas and those interested in participating as a student. If you'd like to help out by mentoring, send a note to Horde's mentor coordinator, Chuck Hagenbuch (chuck at horde dot org).

If you are interested in participating as a student, please join our development mailing list (http://lists.horde.org/mailman/listinfo/dev) and say hello!

Project Suggestions


Implement Project/HordePolicy.

Text Editor/Word Processor Module

Create a Horde module which allows users to create, WYSIWYG edit, store, and print (via PDF) HTML documents.

VFS Metadata

Extend VFS to optionally support metadata attributes (such as category, description, license, version etc.) Attributes should be stored through a driver interface to allow later driver development like access to Documentum etc. The project should include a small Horde application to basically browse, search, and edit attributes - basically a very small document management system. This application would also serve as an example for implementing metadata in other applications.

Horde Form Ajax Continuation

Follow up on last year's Horde_Form project (currently available in the incubator - http://cvs.horde.org/incubator/Horde_Form/). Update the code to use Prototype and Scriptaculous for the scripting basis, sync with the current Horde_Form code, and go from there. The ability to have any form switch between active and inactive rendered mode - optionally on a field-by-field basis - using in-place-edit functionality would be very slick.

Horde SSL Certificate Authority

Develop a Horde application for managing SSL certificates. Possible functionality includes managing server certificates (for https, imaps, etc.) for administrators, and also allowing users to create end-user certificates for authentication and mail signing. For a bonus, integrate the user certificates with IMP to create a complete PKI management app.

Sync web-albums

Complete API to allow remote programs/sites (with Ansel installed or not) to upload/edit/manage images and "vice versa". For example allow applications to view and update Picasa Web Albums content in the form of Google Data API feeds or allow copy a gallery from Ansel to flickr.com etc.