Diff for Hackathon2010 between 4 and 5

+ Horde Hackathon 2010

++ ShowStoppersFourOh

++ Work on this weekend

+++ Better mobile portal

* Don't hide non-mobile apps from mobile devices. Avoid a blank screen.

+++ Servers

* Move CI and phpdoc to kasei
* Reinstall Ubuntu 10 on Simon, keep git/dev services there

++ Packaging
* Focus on distributing Horde (apps & components) via PEAR (pear.horde.org)
* Evaluate discontinuing tarball releases for H4
* Wiki will become authoritative source for component (Framework libraries) documentation
* Wiki documentation will be rolled into component packages as static HTML/Text at time of release
* Update component documentation template to match Horde_Routes

++ jQuery vs. Prototype.js
* We will evaluate jQuery Mobile
* If experience is positive we may consider migrating from Prototype to jQuery
* NOT before H4

++ Decisions for later