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Horde UI

This section is here to collect documentation on Horde's UI conventions, suggestions for improvements, etc.

Guidelines for Design of Horde Screens

Change Suggestions

Navigation Related

  1. Change in Navigation Structure

Navigation changes the moment user enters any of the sections in the address book. In the example displayed below user has selected ?New contact? option. For a new user this could be confusing. Also from a standardization perspective clear demarcation should be made between primary, secondary and tertiary navigations.


a. Visual indicator separating the global and navigation for the Address book functionality

b. Division of the global navigation and contextual navigation (Navigation for address book) into two navigational bands

  1. Ambiguity in functionalities, Tree structure for navigation

The left navigation and the global navigation can cause ambiguity about functionalities. For a new user it might be difficult to understand where to look for the desired functionality. Very often users explore the interface before using any of the functionalities hence it desirable that there should be clear demarcation between functionalities provided in the two navigation structures to help in the learning process.

The tree structure should be avoided for navigation purposes as this requires the user to click and explore the items in the navigation. Hence some functionality may remain hidden from the user.


a. Avoid repetition of functionalities in the two sets of navigation. Develop a detailed information architecture based on tasks analysis.

b. Tree navigation structure can be avoided