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Google Summer of Code 2012

Google is running their Summer of Code (http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2012) program again this year, and Horde will apply to be a mentoring organization. This page is a guide to participating with Horde, and the place to collect ideas for projects. It is mainly for those with project ideas and those interested in participating as a student. If you'd like to help out by mentoring, send a note to Horde's mentor coordinator, Gunnar Wrobel (wrobel at horde dot org).

If you are interested in participating as a student, please join our development mailing list (http://lists.horde.org/mailman/listinfo/dev) and say hello!

Project Suggestions

remoteStorage support

Brief explanation: remoteStorage as defined by http://unhosted.org is a concept that tries to separate the data storage layer from the service/application layer. The core of remoteStorage is based on WebDAV which is already supported by Horde. The goal of this project would be to extend Horde with the additional features required for it to become entirely compatible to the remoteStorage proposal.

Expected result: Horde can be used as a backend for remoteStorage compliant frontends/applications afterwards.

Knowledge prerequisite: PHP, JavaScript
Mentor: Gunnar Wrobel

Barrier free Horde

Brief explanation: Horde has been modified to adhere to barrier free standards a few years back. Since then both Horde and the standards have evolved and another round of modification is required to get back to a completely barrier free web application. This project would be especially suited for a student who might benefit from a barrier free webmailer.

Expected result: A barrier free webmail and a webcalendar application.

Knowledge prerequisite: PHP, JavaScript
Mentor: Jan Schneider and Gunnar Wrobel


Brief explanation: A frequent request for an additional module has been an messaging system within Horde. The task would be to build upon existing, PHP based systems such as Jappix (https://jappix.com) to add the functionality to Horde.

Expected result: A module that allows messaging between users currently logged into Horde.

Knowledge prerequisite: PHP, JavaScript
Mentor: Ralf Lang and Gunnar Wrobel

Web intents

Brief explanation: Web intents (http://webintents.org/) aims at providing generalized APIs for interactions between web applications. The goal for this project would be to add web intents support to Horde for at least some show cases.

Expected result: Horde supports and can be accessed via some web intents.

Knowledge prerequisite: PHP, JavaScript
Mentor: Jan Schneider and Gunnar Wrobel

Colored tags

Brief explanation: Horde 3 allowed the use of categories to label objects such as events, contacts, tasks and notes. Each object could only be placed in one category. Each category could be associated with a color. With Horde 4 the older category system has been replaced by general support for tags. In contrast to the category system each taggable object can receive an arbitrary number of tags. Tags cannot be colored and that turned out to be a feature users miss. The task for this project would be investigate how the category color support could be recreated based on the tag system. There are two important things to determine: How the user interface should deal with multiple colors resulting from multiple tags and how the system can scale and perform well.

Expected result: Horde supports colored tags.

Knowledge prerequisite: PHP
Mentor: Micheal Rubinsky and Gunnar Wrobel