Last Modified 2008-04-03 by Chuck Hagenbuch

Summer of Code - the Ultimate Bounty Hunt!

Google has launched The Summer of Code initiative to stimulate Open Source development. Prize money of US$4500 will be awarded to students who successfully complete selected Open Source projects. Horde Project is extremely pleased to be participating and to have been picked as a mentoring organization.

We want to thank all who submitted their project proposals, some of which were well thought out and we would have very much wanted to see sponsored. However, our allocation of four projects meant that a tough decision had to be made to pick the four projects.

Accepted Projects

Scheduling Module

Description Sedule is an addition to Horde designed to offer multi-departmental employee scheduling services.
Horde Mentor Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck@horde.org>

Text Editor/Word Processor Module

Description Create a Horde module which allows users to create, WYSIWYG edit, store, and print (via PDF) HTML documents.
Horde Mentor Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck@horde.org>

Horde_Form Rewrite

Description Rewrite Horde_Form to use xhtml, eliminate tables, and be even more customisable through good use of CSS. Add possibility of live updates and as-you-go validation through AJAX. This might be part of a new development toolkit for Horde that assumes that applications have a Forms/ directory, for easy AJAx loading of forms for validation, etc.
Horde Mentor Marko Djukic <mdjukic@horde.org>