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About This Rule

Name interwiki
Type inline
Syntax normal SiteName:PageName
Syntax described

Parse Configuration Keys


Render Configuration Keys

Format Key Type Description
Xhtml sites array
that site
Xhtml target string
e.g., '_blank'


Interwiki is a way of representing wiki pages on other wikis. To mark an
interwiki link, type the name of the site, a colon, then the name of the page
on the interwiki site.
Text_Wiki needs to know the URL for the various interwiki sites so it make
clickable links; to tell Text_Wiki the site names and urls, use the
setRenderConf() method. The array key should be the
name of the site, and the array value should be the URL part leading up to the
// [snip] create a Text_Wiki object called $wiki
// set up an array of interwiki site names and urls
$sites = array(
    'MeatBall'    => 'http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?%s',
    'Advogato'    => 'http://advogato.org/%s',
    'Wiki'        => 'http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?%s'
// configure the interwiki rule
$wiki->setRenderConf('xhtml', 'interwiki', 'sites', $sites);

Note: Note the use of %s in the above URL strings; the %s will be
replaced by the page name. If you specify a string that does not have a
%s in it, Text_Wiki will assume that the page name should go at the very
end of the string.