Table of Contents

  1. Horde Release Management
    1. Horde 5.0
      1. Completed features
      2. Planned
      3. Wishlist
      4. Showstoppers
    2. Horde 4.0
      1. Git layout
      2. Mini-FAQ for Horde 4 development
      3. Conversion from Horde 3
    3. Horde 3.3 Release
      1. Applications that were released along with Horde 3.3
      2. Applications to be released following Horde 3.3
    4. Roadmaps
      1. Horde
      2. IMP
      3. Turba
      4. Ingo
      5. Kronolith
      6. Nag
      7. Sork
      8. Chora
    5. Older Releases

Horde Release Management

This section describes the release process of the stable Horde releases.

For general information about the release cycles and maintenance rules, see Doc/Dev/ReleaseCycle.

Horde 5.0

Completed features




Showstoppers for 5.0 Release

Horde 4.0

Framework packages to be released with Horde 4
Horde 4 release notes
IMP 5 release notes
Ingo 2 release notes
Turba 3 release notes
Kronolith 3 release notes
Nag 3 release notes
Mnemo 3 release notes

Showstoppers for H4 Release

The decisions made for Horde 4 so far are:

Full minutes of the board meeting where this was discussed:

Git layout


Mini-FAQ for Horde 4 development

Q: Are we going to keep the existing development model where we have a "master" server (i.e. where we will build the releases? For our workflow, that seems to make the most sense - since we don't have a "master" user that checks all commits before integrating.

A: Yes. All HEAD commits are pushed to (or horde-support, etc.), and we'll use branches to do local dev or to coordinate non-mainline work.

Q: How do I start from scratch with a Git install

A: See

Q: Why does the sidebar not collapse/Why can't I switch tabs on the config screen/Why do certain links not work?

A: Make sure your 'jsfs' and 'jsuri' entries in horde/config/registry.php are correct. They are actually no needed anymore at all, unless you really know what you are doing. Applications no longer come shipped with javascript source files in js/src - they all live directly under js/ now.

Conversion from Horde 3

Please see Horde 4 Conversion for more details on porting Horde 3 libraries to Horde 4.

Horde 3.3 Release

Applications that were released along with Horde 3.3

Applications to be released following Horde 3.3

Bugs left:






Expanded thoughts on using resources




H4 Marketing Ideas

Older Releases