Last Modified 2007-01-13 by Chuck Hagenbuch

RampageFramework CMS component

Steps from Giapeto:

  • Templates have been moved into the VFS. A default template is loaded if none are present. Now we need a template manager for editing templates.
  • Simplify configuration as much as possible.
  • Allow for hosting multiple sites from one giapeto config. Need a way to differentiate. Perhaps have a small set of files that host a giapeto site? Problem is then you wouldn't be able to create them through the web.
  • Probably want to keep php4 compatibility for now
  • Need some sort of workflow
  • Versioning: At least one previous version should be kept to facilitate rollback
  • Default config should result in a reasonable site that looks like a web site, not a Horde app
  • Ease of use all over
  • Rely on Horde_Template blocks integration, instead of "main" content area with confusing block splitting?
  • If so, need some sort of a "compositeblock" functionality to allow users to put custom content into an area without editing a template
  • Provide a standard blog template with Jonah integration?
  • How to handle user-supplied images? Not galleries - do that through Ansel - but page design images - borders, etc.
  • Should sites be able to lock themselves to a specific theme? Probably...
  • Give a theme selector widget for sites that want to allow variation
  • If possible, make the CMS link in the Horde sidebar go to an admin screen, while having /horde/giapeto/ still be the root user-facing site