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Advertisement getaway.


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Allows a company or individual is free to buy advertisement on your site, manage campaigns and banners, without any marketing intervention. Allowing users to spend really small amount of money for example to advertise it own classified ad published on your site. The campaign delivery is completely left to the publisher program as this module is just a getaway for Horde authenticated users to administrate their data inside your ad delivery software and use horde modules to acquire impressions.

Advertiser account

An advertiser has his own “account” to manage impressions. If a he wish to stop an active campaign the remaining impressions are transferred to his account, so he can delegate them to anther campaign. If the payment as done off-line (eg. by phone) the ad seller can add impressions to advertiser account from the administration screen. An detailed log of every single transaction is included in the advertiser interface.


  • Uses Minerva invoicing system to publish invoices
  • Uses Payment gateway for online payment of campings budgets
  • Driver based access to ads distribution programs (publisher)
  • Hook to process ads content before added to the publisher driver
  • Text ads with images
  • Advertiser account
  • Implemented campaigns, zones, banner dimensions, statistics preview
  • Administrator can become any advertiser (takes his id in management)

Implemented publisher drivers


  • Step by step campaign creation with image presentations
  • Charsets (publisher-to-horde)
  • Active preview of banner while editing/creating
  • Mail advertiser and administrator for every payment action
  • Implement different banner types (images, animations...)
  • Add possibility to create advertisement from an existing user content (classified ad, advetise video, promota a gallery...)
  • Finish api calls
  • Create Midas publisher driver



The project has just stared. The attached code is a small working preview, but it is too young to add it to a public repository. If someone wants to join the development, please feel free to contact me

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