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1 get go-pear.php from http://pear.php.net/go-pear

2 edit that file so that the lines pointing to the bootstrap files
(around line 115) become

$bootstrap_files = array(
'PEAR.php' => 'http://svn.php.net/viewvc/pear/pear-core/branches/PEAR_1_4/PEAR.php?view=co&pathrev=319707',
'Archive/Tar.php' => 'http://svn.php.net/viewvc/pear/packages/Archive_Tar/tags/Archive_Tar-1.3.7/Archive/Tar.php?view=co&pathrev=325163',
'Console/Getopt.php' => 'http://svn.php.net/viewvc/pear/pear-core/branches/PEAR_1_4/Console/Getopt.php?view=co&pathrev=319707',

This is necessary because of the pear project to github. The new file
go-pear.phar does not include a web interface

3 make a directory that is not web-accessible eg PATH/pear

4 put the modified go-pear.php in your web-accessible pages eg
PATH/public_html and install pear in PATH/pear

5 copy index.php from PATH/pear to PATH/public_html and edit so that

$pear_dir = 'PATH/pear/PEAR'

6 navigate to that file and configure PEAR by adding channel
pear.horde.org and installing the packages enumerated in the horde
documentation: Crypt_Blowfish, Net_DNS2 and Services_Weather

7 install the package horde/horde_role

8 go to the configuration page of PEAR and edit the value of 'Base
Horde directory' to eg /PATH/public_html/horde

9 install the package horde/horde

10 navigate to your horde directory

11 if it does not work, create public_html/horde/config/horde.local.php
to contain

ini_set('include_path', '.:PATH/pear/PEAR:CURRENT_INCLUDE_PATH');

12 and there you go!