Last Modified 2018-11-23 by Ralf Lang

PageOutput Object

$page_output is a global variable defined by the Horde_Framework. It is used to format the output of dynamically generated pages.

API Documentation

Page Header

    'title' => _("List")

Page Footer


Adding Javascript

Javscript file that lives in an application's js/ directory

// $page_output->addScriptFile($name_of_file_relative_to_base_of_js_directory, $app_name);
// Example, for Horde:
$page_output->addScriptFile('login.js', 'horde');

External Javascript file

// The file MUST be web accessible.
    new Horde_Script_File_External($relative_URI_to_JS_file) 

Adding inline Javascript code


PageOutput defaults

Depending on the presentation type (smartmobile, dynamic, basic), PageOutput automatically includes some appropriate javascript environment.
In Horde 5, dynamic mode is based on PrototypeJs and smartmobile is based on jquery-mobile.
See Ajax Application Docs for more details on available environment.