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Horde_Http is a HTTP library.

Horde_Http up to Horde 5

The library concentrates on implementing a client making requests and providing http responses in a unified, horde-proprietary interface.

Under the hood, requests and responses are implemented using various technologies, if available:

- curl extension
- fopen
- pecl/http 1.x (unnamespace)
- pecl/http 2.x/3.x (namespaced)

Code is PHP 5 compatible, unnamespaced and PSR-0 autoloadable

Example usage


Horde_Http in Horde 6

In Horde 6, Horde_Http is redesigned. It now adheres to various standards proposed by the PHP Framework Interoperability Group.

- PSR-7 compatible versions of Request, ServerRequest, Response, Uri, Stream and UploadedFile
- PSR-17 compatible versions of RequestFactory, ServerRequestFactory, ResponseFactory, UriFactory, StreamFactory and UploadedFileFactory
- PSR-18 compatible HTTP Client implementations for Curl, Fopen and pecl/http (v2+)

Horde_Http code is also the basis of the new Horde_Http_Server, a successor to Horde_Controller.

Example usage