Last Modified 2022-11-03 by Ralf Lang


To recover from a backup, first ensure these external services are running correctly and contain the desired data:

- LDAP (for authentication services or LDAP addressbooks)
- imap (for email)
- SQL Database
- Web Server configuration and certificates
- Virtual Filesystem tree (if not stored into a database)

Recovering the software installation

- Clone the root project using git
- Copy your composer.json and composer.lock files from the backup into the root project
- Copy your var/config folder from the backup into the root project
- Adjust file ownership if needed

Re-installing the current software state

composer install

Composer tracks the exact versions in the composer.lock file and reinstalls the same set of versions

Post processing

Run this command to check for outdated library versions.

composer outdated

Red entries are minor or patch releases and usually recommended. Yellow entries are major releases. These can break the depending applications.

Cross-check with the why-not command

composer why-not sabre/xml 4.0.0
sabre/dav      4.4.0  requires  sabre/xml (^2.0.1)
sabre/vobject  4.5.1  requires  sabre/xml (^2.1)