Last Modified 2007-09-09 by Jan Schneider

Horde Form Types

The below is a list of form types that can be used in the addVariable function

Type Extends Long Name Description Parameters
spacer n/a Spacer Blank line n/a
header n/a Header Header separator n/a
description n/a Description n/a
html n/a HTML Raw output (no HTML escaping) n/a
number n/a Number Fraction
int n/a Integer n/a
octal n/a Octal n/a
intList n/a Integer List n/a
text n/a Text 40 character text input Regex, Size, Maximum length
stringlist text String list Regex, Size, Maximum length
phone n/a Phone number n/a
cellphone phone Mobile phone number n/a
ipaddress text IP address n/a
longtext text Long text 80x8 character textarea Number of rows, Number of columns, Helper?
countedtext longtext Counted text Number of rows, Number of columns, Number of characters
address longtext Address Looks the same as longtext Number of rows, Number of columns
addresslink n/a n/a
file n/a File upload n/a
image n/a Image upload Show upload?, Show option to keep original?, Maximum file size in bytes
boolean n/a True of false Single checkbox n/a
link n/a Link Link URL, Link text, Link target, Onclick event, Link title attribute, Link access key
email n/a Email Allow multiple addresses?, Strip domain from the address?, Link the email address to the compose page when displaying?, The name to use when linking to the compose page, Character to split multiple addresses with
matrix n/a Field matrix Matrix (table) of checkbox inputs Column titles, Row titles, Matrix values, Append text field or select box?
emailConfirm n/a Email with confirmation n/a
password n/a Password n/a
passwordconfirm n/a Password with confirmation n/a
enum n/a Drop down list Dropdown from where a single value can be chosen Values to select from, Prompt text
mlenum n/a Multi-level drop down lists Values to select from, Prompt text
multienum enum Multiple selection Values, Size
keyval_multienum multienum Multiple selection Values, Size
radio enum Radio selection Values
set n/a Set Same as enum, dropdown Values, Check all?
date n/a Date Date selector Format
time n/a Time Time selector n/a
hourminutesecond n/a Time selection Drop down boxes with 0-23, 0-60 Show seconds?
monthyear n/a Month and year Start year, End year
monthdayyear n/a Date selection Three drop down boxes in that order with javascript calendar popup chooser Start year, End Year, Show picker?, Storage format, Display format
datetime n/a Date and time selection Start year, End Year, Show picker?, Storage format, Display format, Show seconds?
colorpicker n/a Colour selection Color selector (popup) n/a
sound n/a (since Horde 3.2) n/a
sorter n/a Sort order selection Values, Size, Header
selectfiles n/a File selection Id, Link text, link style, Show icon?
assign n/a Assignment columns Left values, Right values, Left header, Right header, Size, Width in CSS units
creditcard n/a Credit card number n/a
obrowser n/a Relationship browser n/a
dblookup enum Database lookup DSN, SQL statement for value lookups, Prompt text
figlet n/a Figlet CAPTCHA Text, Figlet font
captcha figlet Image CAPTCHA Text, Font
category n/a Category (since Horde 3.2) n/a
invalid n/a Message