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Eleusis is a horde application project by Andre Pawlowski to implement a webbased password safe.


List any tickets on http://bugs.horde.org/ that cover this issue or are relevant to it.


* original author Andre Pawlowski
* adopting horde coding standards and enhancements Ralf Lang - no actively longer involved at the moment.


Eleusis is currently used in a few installations but did not receive an official Horde release as a stable app.
Eleusis is based on Horde3 but ignores a lot of core APIs and concepts.
Currently Eleusis does not need any database or configuration.


Include links to protocol descriptions, specifications, RFCs, external applications, presentations on http://horde.org/papers/ or elsewhere that are relevant, articles, API docs from http://dev.horde.org/ - anything that might be useful to someone working on this.

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