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A short-hand reference of common Horde idioms to get things done.

Mostly useful to those who have recurring intermissions in their horde development.

Classic UI: Reference an image from Theme

Horde::img('image.png', 'Alt Text');
// The Image will be searched in the themes folders, precedence: current app, selected theme - current app, default theme - horde, current theme - horde, default theme


App Icon Url

$GLOBALS['registry']->get('icon', $app);

App Web Root Url

$GLOBALS['registry']->get('webroot', $app);

App's Javascript Url


Note: This is most likely not what you want. Use the template & js loading mechanism instead

Servicing JavaScript

Load a file from app or horde base

$page_output->addScriptFile('jquery-ui/jquery-1.9.0.min.js', $app);

Forward backend variable data to js

This is useful for dynamic initialisation of Single Page Applications. Solves chicken - egg: Provide dynamic data the js needs to know but cannot (yet) get via ajax. Think of tokens or API Urls.

Default JavaScript Helpers

Date.CultureInfo - various locale settings from the backend.

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