Last Modified 2013-01-24 by Ralf Lang

These instructions apply to the DIMP module of Horde 3. In Horde 4 and newer, dynamic view has been integrated into the IMP app.

How to remove one of the duplicate menus in DIMP

If you configure DIMP to add links to other applications in the menu, this menu appears in two places by default. Once in the left sidebar between the special folders and the "regular" folders, and once in a tab bar on the top. You usually only want one of these, and which one suits you best, is a matter of taste.
There is no configuration option to pick one of the locations, because you easily customize DIMP though CSS.

First create a CSS file dimp/themes/. You can chose any file name, custom.css is a good name for it.

/* To hide the application links in the left menu: */
#sidebarPanel #applicationfolders {
    display: none;

/* To hide the complete tab bar on the top: */
#tabbar {
    display: none;

/* To hide the tab on the top but keep the quota bar: */
#tabbar li {
    display: none;
#tabbar li#quota {
    display: list-item;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

Of course you should only pick one of the examples from above.

Finally, go to the DIMP configuration (Administration -> Setup -> DIMP) and change the setting $conf[css_files]. Enter the file name that you picked earlier, e.g. custom.css and save the configuration.

There are much more customizations possible through this custom CSS file. If you have any to share with the Horde community, please add them to the DIMP howto section of the wiki.