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Ansel, the Horde Photo Application

Ansel is a full featured photo management application, with support for multiple upload options, content embedding, tagging/geotagging, and multiple styles. For more information, or a more complete feature list, see http://horde.org/ansel.

This Is for Horde 4 and before. It does not comply to Horde 5 versions.

Adding images to Ansel

Ansel supports many upload options:

Browser based upload

  • Upload single, multiple images, as well as compressed zip archives

OS Specific upload methods

  • Windows XP Publish - Upload images directly to Ansel using Window XP's XP Publish feature. TODO: Need to add instructions for setting that up here.
  • Mac - There are image export plugins for both iPhoto ('08 and later), and Aperture (2.1 and later). The plugins' source code is available from our source code repository, and binary installers will be available via FTP soon.

Command line tools on both server and client machines.

  • ansel/scripts/recursive_import.php - If you have images on the server box, and have command line access, you can use this script to add the images directly to Ansel.
  • For similar functionality to the recursive_import script, there is the //ansel/scripts/remote_import.php script that can be run from any client machine. There is even an applescript helper application, AnselPublish.scpt that lets you drag and drop a folder onto the script's icon to create a new gallery (named after the folder), and upload all images to the new gallery.

Embedding Ansel content in external websites

Ansel supports embedding it's content in external websites. For examples, see http://rubinskyfamily.com and http://mrubinsk.blogspot.com.


A single image that links to an ansel gallery:

The following will embed the key images (the image shown in the gallery thumbnail) from two different galleries and they will be styled as polaroid stacks. Each image will be linked to the gallery view for each gallery.

<script src="http://domain.com/horde/ansel/xrequest.php?requestType=Embed/gallery_view=GalleryLink/
gallery_slug=gallery_one:gallery_two/container=example/thumbsize=prettythumb/style=ansel_polaroid" type="text/javascript">
<div id="example"></div>

In the above, the gallery_slug parameter is a colon delimited list of gallery slugs. You could also use a colon delimited list of gallery ids by using the paremeter gallery_id in place of gallery_slug. The container parameter is the dom id of the element where the content should be embedded. The parameter style is a style name (from ansel/config/styles.php) to use.

A series of images from a single gallery:

The following will embed 3 thumbnail images from the venice gallery, starting at the second image in the gallery. It will be displayed in the gallery's style. The thumbnails will not be linked to anything.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://domain.com/horde/ansel/xrequest.php?
start=2/count=3/hidelinks=true"></script><div id="anseldiv2"></div>

A single, screen sized image

This will embed a singe, screen sized image with no links.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://domain.com/horde/ansel/xrequest.php?requestType=Embed/
<div id="ansel4d83671f5c8dc8262f0db4c9aab6f20e"></div>

Arbitrary images from any number of galleries

The following will embed 6 different images, each from a different gallery. Clicking on each image will open a lightbox overlay containing the selected picture, with navigation controls to view the rest of the embedded images on the page.

<script src="http://domain.com/horde/ansel/xrequest.php?requestType=Embed/images=5122:1851:5153:2072:3049:4894/
container=multiple_example/thumbsize=thumb/lightbox=true" type="text/javascript">
<div id="multiple_example"></div>

In addition to the main choices listed above, the following pairs can be added to the request's parameters

  • thumbsize
  • style
  • start
  • count
  • perpage
  • hidelinks
  • lightbox

Creating/Editing Ansel gallery styles (Ansel 1.x)

Hacking custom gallery views (Ansel 1.x)