Last Modified 2012-09-17 by Michael Rubinsky

ActiveSync Feature Grid

Work in progress

The following is a chart showing the out of the box feature set of Horde_ActiveSync compared to other servers supporting EAS.

Feature Horde 4/5 Z-Push 1/2 Tine 2.0 Notes
EAS Version 2.5/12.1 2.5/14* 2.5 * Z-Push 2 supports 14.0 only when using against Zarafa server.
Proper support for ghosted properties
Contact Sync Yes Yes* Yes * Contact support out of the box with Z-Push only when using against Zarafa server.
Global Address Book
Calendar Sync
Recurring Event Support
Task Sync
Recurring Tasks
Email Sync
Email Search
Hierarchical folder support
HTML Email
Full MIME support
S/MIME on device encryption, decryption, and signing
Proper use of message class Message class is used so emails display with proper icons indicating type of message. E.g., Meeting acceptance vs Denial, delivery notice messages etc... They are also used to help the client link e.g., meeting request emails with matching calendar item. Not all clients display these icons. Mostly used on Windows Mobile clients.
Set out of office message
Meeting request/response

TODO: Security policies, other misc. features.