Last Modified 2013-11-19 by Michael Rubinsky

ActiveSync Feature Grid

The following is a chart showing the out of the box feature set of Horde_ActiveSync used in conjunction with the Horde Groupware stack compared to other groupware stacks supporting EAS.

Feature Horde 4/5 Z-Push 1/2 Tine 2.0 Notes
Efficient memory use via use of temporary streams. Yes, for reading/writing the WBXML data and for reading/writing MIME parts from IMAP server. Yes, for reading/writing the WBXML data. No
Easily sync multiple collections at once. Yes No Yes
Fully extensible and useable outside of the groupware stack Yes No Yes
Support SOFTDELETE for keeping the client's database in sync with the client selected date filters. H5 No No
Choice of either SQL or NoSQL state storage. Yes No No As of Horde 5.2, the ActiveSync library supports storing state in MongoDB.
Dynamic support for multiple folders per collection. H5 No As of Horde 5.2, multiple folders are automatically synchronized when possible, or "multiplexed" together otherwise.
EAS 2.5 (Exchange 2003 SP2)
Email sync H5 - Using the efficient Horde_Imap_Client library. Yes, using either Zarafa server or the "imap" backend which uses the built in php imap functions. Yes
Email type property H5 No No This property provides clients the ability to display appropriate icons for the type of message. E.g., Meeting requests, MDN etc...
Hierarchical folder support H5
Calendar sync H4 Yes, when syncing against Zarafa server. Yes
Full meeting request/response H5 Yes, when syncing against Zarafa server. No.
Tasks sync H4 Yes, when syncing against Zarafa server. Yes
Contacts sync H4 Yes, when syncing against Zarafa server.
GAL search H4 Yes, with a few backends. Yes.
Provisioning/Remote Wipe H4 - with improvements to security policy support in H5. Yes, with exceptions for some devices and limited security policy support. Yes, with limited security policy support.
EAS 12.0 (Exchange 2007)
Autodiscover H5* * Major improvements to Autodiscovery in H5.1.
HTML Email H5
Email search for items not synched to client H5
Email Flagging H5
Full MIME support H5
Set out of office message H5
EAS 12.1 (Exchange 2007 SP1)
Reduced bandwidth features. H5
S/MIME on device encryption, decryption, and signing H5
EAS 14.0 (Exchange 2010 SP1)
Notes Sync H5.1
SMS Sync No
Conversation View TODO
Reply state sync H5.1
Free/busy lookup H5.1
Nickname Cache TODO
EAS 14.1 (Exchange 2010 SP2)
Conversation Segments TODO
GAL/Search Photos H5.1
Device Info H5.1 Device info can be used during provisioning process to allow finer control over device access/management.

TODO: Security policies.