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+ Welcome toThis is the Horde Wiki

A Wiki is a site where everyone can collaborate on the content. The most well-known and widely used Wiki is the Wikipedia at http://www.wikipedia.org.||~ Horde Project Home Page: http://www.horde.org/ ||

You can read about ((Wiki/Usage)) and ((Wiki/AddingPages)). Currently this Wiki has no theme for discussion, so go ahead and play with it and have fun!++ Current Topics

* ((FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ))
* ((HowTo|Horde How Tos))
* ((Doc|Documentation))
* ((Project|Projects to add or change large or small pieces of Horde))
* ((Installations|Deployments, Providers, Distributions, and Hardware requirements))
* ((ReleaseManagement|Release Management))
* ((SecurityManagement|Managing Security Issues))
* ((InterestingLinks|Interesting Links for Horde Developers))
* ((UserInterface|User interface documentation, improvements, conventions))
* ((MediaPress|Media & Press: Horde in the mainstream))

++ Older Topics

* ((Horde3Development|Horde 3 Development Guidelines))