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+ !SyncML (Synchronization Markup Language)

**See SyncMLHowToSyncML/HowTo for a description how to sync your client device with Horde.**

!SyncML (//Synchronization Markup Language//) is a protocol standard defined by the //Open Mobile Alliance// for platform-independent information synchronization.

!SyncML is most commonly thought of as a method to synchronize contact and calendar information between some type of handheld device and a computer (personal, or network-based service), such as between a mobile phone and a Horde installation. 

Horde includes a !SyncML server functionality that allows all !SyncML capable clients to replicate their calendar events, tasks, notes, and contacts with Horde. Some phones have a !SyncML client included (most modern mobile phones), for others there are !SyncML software packages such as:

* The commercial Synthesis client (http://www.synthesis.ch) for !PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone and !PalmOS
* The open source Funambol client (http://www.funambol.com) for Windows Mobile, !PalmOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Outlook.
* TSync (http://www.topologilinux.com/syncml) - An open source client for syncing to to Mozilla Thunderbird or !SeaMonkey

Horde's !SyncML server functionality is implemented in a horde PEAR package named !SyncML. This package is designed to be independent from Horde. Other groupware applications can use this package to provide !SyncML as well. The only thing that's need to be done is the ((SyncML/CustomBackend|implementation of a backend interface)) for their application. Please drop a note on the horde sync mailing list (sync@lists.horde.org) if you are interested in this.

++ Resources, Links, Downloads

+++ SyncML Spec/Implementation
* [http://www.openmobilealliance.org/syncml/ Syncml.org]
* [http://www.openmobilealliance.org/syncml/downloads.html Downloads]
* [http://www.openmobilealliance.org/syncml/docs/syncml_sync_protocol_v11_20020215.pdf SyncML Protocol]
* [http://www.openmobilealliance.org/syncml/docs/syncml_represent_v11_20020215.pdf SyncML Representation]
* [http://www.openmobilealliance.org/syncml/docs/syncml_devinf_v11_20020215.pdf DevInf]
* [http://www.openmobilealliance.org/syncml/docs/syncml_metinf_v11_20020215.pdf MetInf]
* [http://www.hut.fi/u/asaarila/syncml/syncml_intro.html Short Intro to SyncML]
* Several IBM Devworks articles on SyncML: [http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/wireless/library/wi-syncml/ Syncing data: An introduction to SyncML], XML Watch articles [http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/x-synchml/ 1], [http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/x-syncml2.html 2], and [http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/x-syncml3.html 3], [http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/wi-syncml2/ SyncML intensive], and finally, [http://www-106.ibm.com/search/searchResults.jsp?searchType=1&searchSite=dW&query=syncml&searchScope=dW&Search.x=0&Search.y=0&Search=Search search results] for syncml on developerworks.
* [http://www.xml.com/lpt/a/2000/12/27/syncml.html XML.com article: Staying in Synch]
* [http://xml.coverpages.org/syncML.html SyncML overview and list of resources]

+++ SyncML Applications:
* [http://nicolas.bougues.net/syncml/ Boheme] (a PHP SyncML server) ([http://sourceforge.net/projects/boheme SourceForge])
* Apple's [http://www.apple.com/isync/ iSync] supports a bunch of SyncML and other devices.
* [http://www.opengroupware.org/en/projects/syncml/ OpenGroupware.org]'s SyncML support
* [http://multisync.sourceforge.net/ MultiSync], a Gnome SyncML client.
* [http://sync4j.funambol.com/main.jsp?main=theproject Sync4j]
* [http://www.synthesis.ch/ Synthesis], a commercial SyncML client/server
* [http://www.informit.com/content/index.asp?product_id=%7B36114AC1-D29C-452B-B7AB-99FDA84A2D30%7D&121403 informIT article on SyncML applications]

+++ WBXML:
* [http://www.openmobilealliance.org/tech/index.html Open Mobile Alliance Technical Section]
* [http://www.w3.org/TR/wbxml/ The W3C version of the WBXML spec], somewhat less useful
* [http://wbxmllib.sourceforge.net/ WBXML library], for reading/writing wireless binary compressed XML used by SyncML mobile devices.
* [http://www.devx.com/xml/article/16754 An article on WBXML]