Diff for ShowStoppersThreeOh between 30 and 31

+ Horde 3.0 Release Show Stoppers

++ All modules

* Convert remaining conf.php.dist files to conf.xml files (DONE).

* Fix or better cleanup redirection/frameset loading code (DONE).

* Remove use of Prefs::getPref() (DONE).

* Find a better way of accessing user profiles (Identities) (DONE).

* Be able to switch between preferences scopes in all Options screens (DONE).

++ Horde

* Fix preferences with a "none" preference backend (DONE).

* Package remaining Horde libs (DONE).

** Rename !DataTree database tables/fields to use datatree, not category (DONE).

++ IMP

* HTML composition (DONE).

* Folder changes updating correctly in cache (DONE).

++ Whups

* Rename database fields/tables to refer to queue, not module (DONE).