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+ Release Notes for Mnemo 3 Alpha 1

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the first alpha release of the Mnemo Note Manager version 3.0.

++ Description

The Mnemo Note Manager is the Horde notes/memos application. It allows users to keep web-based notes and freeform text.  Notes may be shared with other users via shared notepads.  It requires the Horde Application Framework and an SQL database or Kolab server for backend storage.

++ Notes

IMPORTANT! This is a preview version that should not be used on production systems. This version is considered feature complete but there are likely to be bugs. You should not use this preview version with existing production data without at least taking a backup. Migration of data from earlier versions has not been fully tested yet.

We encourage widespread testing and feedback via the mailing lists or our bug tracking system. Updated translations are very welcome, though some strings might still change before the release candidates are prepared.

++ Changes

The major changes compared to the Mnemo 2.2 are:

* Updated for Horde 4