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+ Horde Release Management

This section describes the release process of the stable Horde releases.

++ Horde 3.3 Release

+++ Applications that were released along with Horde 3.3

* Ansel 1.0

* Chora 2.1

* DIMP 1.1

* Forwards 3.1

* Gollem 1.1

* Hermes 1.0

* IMP 4.3

* Klutz 1.0

* Kronolith 2.3

* Nag 2.3

* Passwd 3.1

* Turba 2.3

* Vacation 3.1

* Whups 1.0

+++ Applications to be released following Horde 3.3

Bugs left:

* Trean 1.0 (http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/4969, http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/7812)

* Wicked 1.0 (http://bugs.horde.org/queue/wicked)

++ Horde 4.0

The decisions made for Horde 4 so far are:

* Move to git for future (Horde 4+) version control. Code will be pushed to a clean git repository as it is modified for Horde 4 and PHP 5. Git pushes will generate email to a new list, commits@lists.horde.org. Everything currently in CVS will remain available, and Horde 3.x will continue to be developed in and released from the existing CVS structure.

* Aim for shorter release cycles of major versions. When backwards compatibility is broken we will increment the major version number (Horde 3 to Horde 4) as we do now; we'll just do that more often. Feedback indicates that being able to do feature upgrades of an application but not Horde, or vice versa, is not a big advantage for most people.

* Use individual package versions much more extensively with Horde 4. We want it to be possible to release an application upgrade that relies on new framework functionality without requiring a new major version; instead, many changes will be possible by just requiring a specific package version.

* Finally, and most importantly, we will be focusing on getting the last Horde 3.3 releases out (see above), and then shifting our major focus to Horde 4. Our goal is to have an initial release of Horde 4.0 within 6 months of starting serious development on it; and to aim for major version releases approximately every year thereafter.

Full minutes of the board meeting where this was discussed: http://lists.horde.org/archives/board/2008-October/000085.html

+++ Git layout

We have three git repositories:

* horde

* horde-hatchery

* horde-support

The horde respository has stable code in it.

The horde-hatchery respository is a playground for new code and refactoring old code. Once a module a stabilized here, it's being moved to the horde repository.

The horde-support repository has maintainer and relase tools, and the git and svn hooks in it. Once we have update mechanisms in place, we'll add hordeweb there.

hordedoc is an open question.

Also, just a reminder that git push messages are going to commits@lists.horde.org, not cvs@lists.horde.org.

+++ Mini-FAQ for Horde 4 development

Please see ((Doc/Dev|Horde Developer Documentation)) for more information on developing with Horde 4.

+++ Conversion from Horde 3

Please see ((Doc/Horde4Conversion|Horde 4 Conversion)) for more details on porting Horde 3 libraries to Horde 4.


++ Roadmaps

+++ Horde


+++ IMP


+++ Turba


+++ Ingo


+++ Kronolith


[KronolithResources Expanded thoughts on using resources]

+++ Nag


+++ Sork

* Merge passwd into framework/Auth library

* Merge vacation and forwards drivers with Ingo and Sam (see Ingo roadmap)

+++ Chora


++ Older Releases

* [ShowStoppersThreeTwo Show Stoppers for Horde 3.2 release]

* [ShowStoppersThreeOne Show Stoppers for Horde 3.1 release]

* Horde 3.0

 * [ShowStoppersThreeOh Show Stoppers for Horde 3.0 release]

 * [MissingFeaturesThreeOh Missing Features for Horde 3.0 release]