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+ Horde Release Management

For now thisThis section only describes the release process of the existingstable Horde 3.0 (((Doc/Dev/BranchNames|FRAMEWORK_3))) release. It will be updated in the future for Horde 3.2 and Horde 4.0, though it may also migrate out of the wiki to the main Horde site.releases.

++ Topics

* [ShowStoppersThreeTwo Show Stoppers for Horde 3.2 release]

* [ShowStoppersThreeOne Show Stoppers for Horde 3.1 release]

* Horde 3.0

 * [ShowStoppersThreeOh Show Stoppers for Horde 3.0 release]

 * [MissingFeaturesThreeOh Missing Features for Horde 3.0 release]

++ Roadmaps

+++ Kronolith


[KronolithResources Expanded thoughts on using resources]

+++ SORKSork

* Merge passwd into framework/Auth library

* Merge vacation and forwards drivers with Ingo and Sam (see Ingo roadmap)

+++ Ingo