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+ Horde Projects and Proposals

List of projects for Horde developers, community members, and newcomers to work on, with links to individual project pages containing details of the project, resources, people to contact about it, links to the bug tracker, status, and anything else relevant.

For creating a new project, please use the ProjectTemplate.

++ Active Projects

* ((Project/HordeForm|Horde_Form rewrite))

* HordeGroupAPI

* ((RampageFramework|Horde on the Rampage - Horde 4 components))

* ((BCBreakingHordeIssues|Horde 4 TODO list))

* ((Project/Pigeon|Pigeon LDAP browser))

* ((MinervaModule|Minerva invoicing system))

* ((Project/Classified|Classified))

* ((Project/Horde_Payment|Payment gateway))

* ((Project/Letter|Internal short message system))

++ Projects Looking for Leaders

* ((Project/BootableCD|Create a bootable Horde CD image))

* ((Project/ClientSideEncryption|Client-side encryption))

* ((Project/FeedEverything|Feeds for everything))

* ((Project/HordeInstaller|Horde automated installer/updater))

* ((Project/HordeMime|Horde MIME library rewrite))

* ((Project/HordeSpaces|HordeSpaces))

* ((Project/HordePolicy|Horde_Policy library))

* ((Project/ImpConversations|Conversation support in IMP))

* ((Project/OpenID|OpenID support for Horde))

* ((Project/ResourceLocking|Support for locking resources))

* ((Project/SSLCertificateAuthority|SSL Certificate Authority management application))

* ((Project/SyncWebAlbums|Sync web albums with Ansel))

* ((Project/VfsMetadata|Horde_Vfs metadata support))

++ Inactive Projects

* RampageCMS Build a CMS based on Rampage

* ThemesForDesigners

* ((Project/WorkflowApplication|Create a Horde workflow application))

++ Archived Projects

* ((Project/Sedule|Sedule scheduling application)) (Summer of Code 2005)

* ((Project/Groo|Wandering books application)) (Summer of Code 2006)

* WikiLikeLinking