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+ Horde_Vfs Metadata Support

Extend VFS to optionally support metadata attributes (such as category, description, license, version etc.) Attributes should be stored through a driver interface to allow later driver development like access to Documentum etc. The project should include a small Horde application to browse, search, and edit attributes - basically a very small document management system. This application would also serve as an example for implementing metadata in other applications.

++ Bugs

++ People

ChuckHagenbuch is interested in mentoring someone working on this and helping out with the code, and knows the VFS library very well.

++ Description

++ Resources

* http://cvs.horde.org/framework/VFS/
* http://dev.horde.org/api/framework/
* http://dev.horde.org/api/framework/VFS/VFS.html

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