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+ Sesha

Sesha is a simple online inventory application based on the Horde framework.

Sesha has been used in several locations to assist in network management by providing storage for an inventory of hardware and software assets. However it is sufficiently generic to be applicable to any set of inventory items.

++ Bugs

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++ People

* Bo Daley
* Andrew Coleman
* Johannes Huebner (huebner  -   at  - b1-systems.de) is working on share-based, personalized inventory lists (assign inventory to people)

++ Description

+++ Sesha for Horde 3 +++

Sesha is currently available in Horde HEAD. To download latest source:git. https://github.com/horde/sesha

# follow the instructions on http://www.horde.org/source/using.php
# cd horde/ 
# cvs co -r HEAD sesha+++ Sesha for Horde 5 +++

+++ Sesha for Horde 4 +++

SeshaSesha has been ported to Horde 45 and is scheduled to be released together with the next minor update.
At various points in the past Sesha has been able to hook into Whups so that tickets can be raised for inventory items. This feature currently requires uncommenting an API line in the registry.local.php file.

      'sesha' =>  array(
          'name' =>  _("Inventory"),
      // Uncomment this line if you want Sesha to provide queue and version
      // names instead of Whups:
      // 'provides' =>  array('tickets/listQueues',
'tickets/getQueueDetails', 'tickets/listVersions',
          'menu_parent' =>  'devel',

This makes sesha categories show up in whups as ticket queues and stock items show up as queue versions.
Warning, this hides your existing whups queues and versions.

A better configurable version is proposed in ticket #10927 and ticket #109278

+++ Usage

To start you should add a set of Properties to describe your inventory items. Click the 'Manage Properties' tab under 'Admin'.

You can then add a set of Categories to place your items in (available by clicking the 'Manage Categories' tab). Each Category can be attached to one or more Properties.

For example, the 'Laptops' Category could be attached to a set of Properties such as: Manufacturer, Model, IP Address, etc.

+++ Future Development

Plans and suggestions for further development

 * Sesha items and categories as kronolith resources / resource groups
 * Better control which sesha items show up as whups bug queues
 * tagging support
 * Sesha could also be extended to provide storage for other applications requiring inventory or stock (eg. shopping carts).

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