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+++ Synopsis

Sedule is an addition to Horde designed to offer multi-departmental employee scheduling services.

+++ Benefits

Sedule's realtime, intuitive, and easy to use interface for scheduling will save time and increase communication among employees and administrators. Sedule features variable levels of control over scheduling and shift management, allowing repetitive scheduling tasks to be planned out in advance and automated.

+++ Details

Sedule differs from Hermes by focusing on the scheduling of entire employee staff groups. It is not a time tracker but an actual schedule editor/builder tool. It is to feature drag and drop scheduling of work shifts (events), a configurable time scale (i.e. one-hour/half-hour/fifteen minute intervals), multi-departmental support (allowing an employee to see schedules for all departments that s/he works for simultaneously), availability listings with preferred hours and email notifications, and comprehensive schedule summaries. Sedule will supply managers with the ability to preset holidays for an entire year and have schedules automatically update on a weekly rotation. Employees can file requests for schedule changes from within the application. Through templates, various reports and timesheet export options will be available. This project will rely heavily on Javascript, DHTML, and PHP 4.3+ coding techniques.

+++ Deliverables

* Summary:

 * Schedule Summary - summary of shifts an individual is scheduled for; displays a personal schedule of work times for all the departments that the individual works at. (Graphical)

 * Hours Summary - summary of how many hours an individual is scheduled for the day/week/month; displays hours from all departments that the individual works at. (Textbased)

* Schedules:

 * This section is customizable and will comprise of the actual, realtime listing of all scheduled employees for the week. The default will be an Old, Current, and Next (weekly) schedule.

 * * Search - a lookup tool to view past/future schedules.

* Availability:

 * * This section is customizable and will allow employees to specify daily availability for a week. This section can support as many availability listings as configured by a schedule manager. The default will include Spring, Summer I, Summer II, Fall and Open Signup as configured availabilities. Each availablity listing can span a different length of time (i.e., Spring can be three months and Summer II can be two weeks).

* Reports:

 * This section is customizable. Reports will supply various forms of customized views of hours and schedules. The idea is to supply a means for employees to look at trends: hours scheduled vs. hours worked or hours worked past a certain time of day, etc.  This section is possibly the most useful from a history stand-point and could possibly be the hardest to implement.

 * Reports will also allow a manager to create customized views for the purpose of turning in digital or printed time cards for payroll.