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+ Horde_Rdo_Form

Autogenerate Horde_Form objects

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List any tickets on http://bugs.horde.org/ that cover this issue or are relevant to it.

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Duck [mailto:duck@obala.net duck@obala.net] 

++ Description

Extends RDO and Horde_Form to autogenerate basic CRUD forms (create, read, update, delete) based on the metadata already available in RDO.

++ Comments

I doubt this works as intended without adding new meta information. I use Rdo quite extensively but a database schema or even an Rdo Mapper won't tell you if a 1-digit integer is a checkbox, a radio or an enum of 0 and 1 (and possibly 2-9). Not every limited-choice field like a multiselect or an enum dropdown is stored in a limited-choice database field - a varchar may be just right or reasonable because the limited choices are entirely based on application state.

-- Ralf

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