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Make the main Horde applications installable and updatable by a PEAR or similar installation system. They should be delivered via a Horde channel server (if using PEAR), and the whole package should include post-install scripts to do all necessary configuration steps, including for the database. As a potential alternative or complement to a PEAR package, there's also PHP_Archive .phar files. See http://greg.chiaraquartet.net/archives/128-pharring-a-web-application-phpMyAdmin.html for some interesting possibilities.

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* http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/82

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* http://greg.chiaraquartet.net/archives/189-behold-peclphar-and-mighty-PHP-5.3,-also-phparch-and-phptek.html
* http://greg.chiaraquartet.net/archives/128-pharring-a-web-application-phpMyAdmin.html

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