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Hermes is a time tracking application for Horde. It had a release in Horde 3.3 but did not see a release in H5. It's still in git and seems working, though the companion billing solution "minerva" is not in git as far as I know.

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++ People

Ralf Lang and Diana Hille are adding features from a legacy time tracking solution

++ Description

Hermes allows stop watches to automatically track time slices of your work or, alternatively, enter time slices by hand. It allows to lock/finalize entries for further processing in a billing app. Hermes has a "traditional" interface and a dynamic interface, but no work will be put into the traditional interface.


* filters/searches for reporting
* internal deliverables/costcenter items or from other horde apps (multiple)
* external customer list source (turba by default, single source app)
* Different types of work
* Allow time slices both for billing and un-billable

Missing Features to be added:

* enter start time of time slice (only date and duration are supported by now)
* restrict work types to projects.
* Add trackables with fixed / flatrate values (needed for German travel expense flatrates)
* Add work types which may only be logged once per day and person
* Store searches/reports

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