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+ Folks

Horde public users profile module.

++ Bugs

List any tickets on http://bugs.horde.org/ that cover this issue or are relevant to it.

++ People

Duck [mailto:duck@obala.net duck@obala.net]

++ Description

Consists of community like users profile pages. Where users can post personal data, comment other users, make friends... Additional to users entered data the profile page will automatically display users other public data from other installed modules like galleries (Ansel),  blogs (Thomas)...

+++ Current implemented features:

* friends (Prefs and SQL driver)
* blacklist
* comments (using Agora)
* pretty URLs
* Automatically show user content from other services on the profile page (hook driven content retrieval, bash SQL script for content counting to reduce db load)
* User popularity (rank users on how much comments and messages have)
* User activity (rank users on how much content thay have)
* User can upload an profile image or select an video from Oscar module
* Search friends
* Save search query
* Integrated interface to moderate comments under user profile
* Login for a long time using encrypted cookie with user password
* Online users and last access
* User can limit profile and comments access to all user, authenticated user, friends and forbid access to no one – private details
* Hooks for users content listings and counts
* Activity log - logs users activity (adding content, comments, changing profile). Allows user to list friends activities and fast jump to their new added content. User can submit a custom activity message.
* A script to notify users about expired mails

+++ Code

Code was added to Horde Hatchery - http://cvs.horde.org/folks/?rt=horde-hatchery. See even http://www.horde.org/source/git.php.

+++ Resources

* Drag & Drop Portal - http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/6102.

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