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+ Doch

File sharing application.

++ People

Duck [mailto:duck@obala.net duck@obala.net]

++ Description

+++Aims to become a central place to manage and shared files in a groupwere. But not only files uploaded into an application. A driver based file source system allows to list files from other applications or even from other remote services. The user will must be able to link all groupware data all around and make it visible to himself and other users in just one place.

+++ Implemented features

*  UploadUpload files

*  ShareShare files

*  DefaultDefault share permissions preferences (like in Ansel)

*  FilterFilter files by: owner, type, source, user with the one you are sharing documents

*  AllowAllow user turn on/off sources

*  AllowAllow user to configure sources

*  ShowShow user profile picture with shared user name, if ((Project/Folks|Profile module)) is installed

+++ Current drivers:

*  LocalLocal files (VFS) – main full featured driver

*  SpreadSpread -  download disabled, just ti show and edit shared Spreadsheets)

*  MnemoMnemo – download vNotes

*  NagNag - download vTodo

*  KronolithKronolith - download vCalendar

*  TrubaTruba – download vCards

+++ TODO

*  SendSend files by mail (Send link no matter if source is local, app or remote)

* Share file from other services (Google API, Scribd)

*  Share file from other services (Google API, Scribd)Revisions

*  RevisionsComments

*  CommentsFolders

*  LinkLink documents with contacts/customers

*  NotifyNotify users that you uploaded new/changed file

*  TagsTags

*  LockingLocking

*  SearchSearch - if possible inside sources

*  LimitLimit results - if possible inside sources

*  QuotaQuota


++ Screen shot

[[image doch.jpg]]


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