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+ Development (trac-like) bundle

Create an application bundle covering source control, bugs, tickets, wiki, similar to Trac. Perhaps also including some project management features.

++ Bugs

++ People

ChuckHagenbuch and JanSchneider are interested in this bundle.

++ Description

A poster to the nyphp-talk list described a bundle similar to this this way:

I need to setup an "Intranet" for my FTJ.  In this Intranet I was going to include a bunch of things, like nagios, cacti, and a wiki.

The problem is that the requirements for the Intranet go well beyond what a simple wiki can accomplish.  Not only do we need a wiki for documentation, but we also need a way to:

* Share files with versioninng
* Create tickets for tasks (RT?)
* Track bugs (bugzilla?) and new feature requests for development
* "Project manage" new development projects
* etc.

I was going to setup tikiwiki or dokuwiki, along with bugzilla, and perhaps RT, and a few other things, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend an "all in one" solution that includes wiki+file sharing+project manangement tools+ticketing+task tracking, etc.

If not, I'll most likely go the independent software route.  Thanks for any suggestions!

++ Resources

* http://trac.edgewall.org/
* http://projects.ceondo.com/p/indefero/
* http://el-tramo.be/software/wigit
* http://www.activecollab.com/

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