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+ Classified

A Classified ad module.

++ Bugs

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++ People

Duck [mailto:duck@obala.net duck@obala.net]

++ Code

++ Features
* Per category custom attributes fields using [http://horde.org/ulaform/ Ulaform] web interface
* A configuration option to allow users to directly publish an ad, or force editors to confirm them before.
* Detailed search by attributes
* Integrated with ((Project/Oscar|Video service)) to link videos
* Integrated with [http://horde.org/ansel/ Ansel] to link galleries displayed in Lightbox
* Sellers
* Sponsored Ads
* List other app/scope ads
* Integrated with ((MinervaModule|Minerva invoicing system)) and ((Project/Horde_Payment|Payment gateway)) for sponsored ad acquisition
* Integrated with ((Project/Manios|Advertisement getaway)) to create advertisement campaigns and banners directly from ads
* Hooks for body mailsof:
 * advertisement offer
 * invoice emails
 * user send mails
* Notification driver – User can be notified by e-mail, by ((Project/Letter|Internal short message system)) or both
* Allow user to notify all his friends about and ad at once
* API calls
* Rss
* Bash scripts for
 * Import costObjects from other scopes
 * Send reminders about ad expiration
 * Update text banner ads in [http://www.openx.org/ OpenX]

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