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+ PhpgweGroupWare/phpGroupWare Compatibility Layer

//(Note: the tarball got lost.)//

The attached tarball can be used as a stub Horde application with HEAD versions of Horde (3.2 and later) to map xml-rpc calls that expect phpgw's API into Horde.

++ setup
++ Setup

First add the following code to horde/config/registry.php :


<code type="php">
$this->applications['phpgw'] = array(

    'fileroot' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/../phpgw',

    'webroot' => $this->applications['horde']['webroot'] . '/phpgw',

    'name' => _("phpGW Adaptor"),

    'status' => 'notoolbar',

    'provides' => 'phpgw',



Then extract the attached package into the horde directory. 


Now you may read your calendar with any eGroupwareeGroupWare/phpGroupWare compatible calendar application.

Use "http[s]://<host>/path/to/horde/rpc.php?phpgw"
Use {{http[s]://<host>/path/to/horde/rpc.php?phpgw}} as serversideserver side url.

++ how

++ How it works

Each xmlrpc request using a phpgw unique name is implemented by this module mapping it into horde registry commands.

A lot of data is stored in the horde datatree, to map kronolith calendar ids into numeric phpgw one's.


As of 2007-07-11 I cannot download the attachment.  Has it been removed?