Diff for MethodSetRenderConf between 1 and 2

: Set one key at a time : {{void **setFormatConf** (string //format name//, string //rule name//, string //conf key//, mixed //conf value//)}}

: Set all keys at once : {{void **setFormatConf** (string //format name//, string //rule name//, array //conf key-value pairs//)}}

Set the configuration for a rule renderer.  For example, to tell the "Table" rule in "Xhtml" format what CSS class to use for data cells...

<code type="php">
$wiki =& new Text_Wiki();
$wiki->setRenderConf('Xhtml', 'Table', 'css_td', 'my_td_class');

To set all of the "Table" configuration keys for "Xhtml" at the same time...

<code type="php">
$wiki =& new Text_Wiki();

$conf = array(
    'css_table' => 'my_table_class',
    'css_tr' => 'my_tr_class',
    'css_td' => 'my_td_class'

$wiki->setRenderConf('Xhtml', 'Table', $conf);

> **Note:** Render rule conf keys may be different from format to format.