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6GB of memcache seems a little low for a decent sized installation, especially if using memcache as the caching driver.  Even if you have 32-bit machines, you can still get 3GB+ per machine easily.  Or, better yet, take the splurge and buy a couple of cheap 64-bit boxes instead.  The great thing about memcache is that it doesn't need powerful, server-grade hardware to run.  In fact, that is overkill.  Any cheap 64-bit box is going to be plenty powerful enough to handle the memcache load.  Quite honestly, your bottleneck will come from the network traffic to/from the memcache server/PHP server, and most likely the network infrastructure will be the limiting factor, not the network I/O speed on any given interface card.

Also, absolutely no reason to reboot memcache every night.  In fact, I highly recommend you don't, especially if you are caching with memcache also.  Rebooting simply loses all those hardearned mailbox/message caches that your servers labored to build every day.