Diff for KlutzInstall between 9 and 10

+ Klutz Install

copy code to the klutz folder

rename the config/*.php.dist  config/*.php

Klutz will now run. You should configure it via the administration interface. Administration->setup->Comics (Klutz)

Klutz will now run

To install in caching mode

edit  config/config.php


$conf['storage']['driver'] = 'file';

$conf['storage']['params']['basedir'] = '/PathToHordeOnServer/horde/klutz/files/';


set the back end user


$conf['cli']['user'] = 'admin_user';


add cli-backend.phpYou can add lib/cli-backend.php as a task in your cron / windows sheldulerwindows scheduler to run every day

Add Linkif you want to Cron instuction

Add Link to windows shelduler instuction

Make sure the web user can writeautomatically retrieve the folder !PathToHordeOnServer/horde/klutz/files/
(Need link to specific instructions for cron/windows scheduler)