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+ Deployments, Providers, Distributions, and Hardware requirements

If you want to get an impression about the number of users you can support with a Horde installation you can look at the

* '''((Deployments|List of deployments))'''

There is also a minimalistic overview of potential hardware requirements available. Of course this depends heavily on the type of infrastructure you use as the backend for Horde but it may provide you with a rough idea. See

* '''((HardwareRequirements|Hardware requirements))'''

We also keep a list of distributions and resellers that offer a repackaged Horde that you might prefer over the PEAR based installation method supported by the Horde developers:

* '''((Distributions))'''

In case you would rather like to avoid installing Horde yourself you might have a look at the

* '''((Providers|List of providers that offer preinstalled Horde))'''