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+ IMP (4.1+) UW-IMAP/Namespace Configuration Tips

Unlike previous versions of IMP, 4.1+ no longer contains the 'namespace', 'hierarchies', or 'folders' parameters in servers.php.  Instead, namespace configuration is automatically detected from the remote server.

Unlike before where you had to manually identify the namespaces you wanted to view (via the 'hierarchies' parameter), now by default ALL namespaces visibile on the remote server will be displayed.

This may startle users of UW-IMAP when they discover that both 1) all files in the home directory may now show up in the folders list and 2) all sorts of namespaces appear (i.e. '#ftp/', '#shared/') that weren't there before.

To disable these extra namespaces and/or restrict UW-IMAP to your mail directories only (rather than your entire home directory), you will need to reconfigure (and then recompile) your imapd daemon.  For detailed instructions on how you can change this parameters, please refer to {{docs/CONFIG}} in the c-client/imapd distribution.

++ Alternative Method (Unsupported)

If you can not, or do not want to, recompile your UW-IMAP server you can try using this **unsupported** method of setting the mail subdirectory (folder) location. Here, unsupported means primarily that the UW-IMAP authors do not support this setup - therefore Horde does not fully support this method either.  However, many have reported good success with this setup.  For more information on this method, refer to {{docs/imaprc.txt}} in the c-client/imapd distribution.

Create a file called {{/etc/c-client.cf}} and insert the following two lines.  The last part of the second line is the subdirectory that you want the c-client to use for accessing folders (which is 'mail/'  in the following example).


I accept the risk

set mail-subdirectory mail


The first line is **required** to state that you are accepting the risk of using an **unsupported** configuration file.  The second line sets the mail subdirectory that the c-client routines will use (in the above example, it is set to 'mail/').

You may also be able able to use this same file to remove unwanted namespace entries.  Again, this is totally unsupported.  If you want to try this unsupported method of

removing shared namespaces (such as {{#news}} for example), try adding the following lines to your {{/etc/c-client.cf}} file:


set news-state-file /etc/news

set restrict-mailbox-access all


Note the above would be in addition to any previously mentioned lines; in particular you always need the "I accept the risk" line in order to your the {{c-client.cf}} file.

Note that if you have any clients configured to use a folder prefix (e.g. 'mail/' or similar) they will now need to be reconfigured to remove this setting.