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+ Horde !HowTo Documentation

++ Installation

These links are collected from various community resources and ##red|may be out of date!##  [https://github.com/horde/base/blob/master/doc/INSTALL.rst Please see the official installation documentation].

* Debian
 * [http://wiki.debian.org/Horde Installing Horde on Debian]
 * [http://howto.landure.fr/gnu-linux/debian-4-0-etch-en/install-horde-groupware-webmail-edition-on-debian-4-0-etch Installing Horde Groupware Webmail edition on Debian Etch]
 * [http://swarm.cs.pub.ro/~razvan/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=tutorials:horde_groupware Installing Horde Groupware Webmail edition on Debian Lenny]
 * [DebJessieHorde5 Installing Horde and applications on Debian Jessie with PEAR.]
* Fedora/!RedHat/!CentOS
 * [https://www.otherdata.com/knowledge-base/linux-howtos/installing-horde-groupware-webmail-edition-centos-7  Installing Horde Groupware Webmail Edition on CentOS 7]
 * [FC4InstallationNotes  Installing Horde on Fedora Core 4]
 * [CentOS4InstallationNotes  Installing Horde on CentOS 4]
 * [CentOS5InstallationNotes  Installing Horde Groupware Webmail Edition on CentOS 5]
 * [CentOS5UpgradeNotes  Upgrading Horde CentOS 5.2]
 * [RHEL3PearHowTo Installing PEAR modules necessary on RHEL 3]
 * [http://www.slash.net/index.php/etc/48-otherarticles/66-installing-a-webmail-system-based-on-horde-on-iis-v20 Installing a Webmail System Based on Horde on IIS]
 * [InstallHowToIIS Installing Horde CVS on an IIS6 Windows Server 2003]
* [http://www.linux-tip.net/cms/content/view/332/26/ Installing Horde Groupware Webmail Edition on openSUSE 10.3]
* [MigrateIdentities Migrating identity information from IMP 2 or other external sources]
* [GroupwarePEAR Installing/Updating PEAR packages in Horde Groupware (Webmail Edition) 1.x]
* [UninstallPEAR How to uninstall all PEAR packages from Horde's PEAR channel]
* [http://www.liberasys.com/wiki/doku.php?id=infrastructure:infrastructure (almost) complete collaborative mailsystem howto with postfix, postfixadmin, dovecot, horde, clamav, rspamd, rmilter, SPF, DKIM, DMARC]

++ Administration/Configuration

+++ Authentication
* [AuthCompositeHowTo Setting up a composite authentication driver]
* [GuestPerms Allowing guest access to applications without authentication]
* [ImapSelect Dynamically selecting an IMAP server for authentication]
* [ShibbolethAuthHowTo Setting up the Shibboleth authentication driver]
* [CASAuthHowTo Setting up the CAS authentication driver]
* [SQLAuthHowTo Setting up the SQL authentication driver with Dovecot]
* [HordeSSLAuthHowTo Using X509 user certificates for authentication]
* [CpanelAuthHowTo Automatic authentication with Cpanel accounts]

+++ General
* [AdminPerms Setting up application specific permissions]
* [GroupLdapMigration Migrate existing horde groups from sql to ldap]
* [SecurityTips Tips for higher security]
* [GraphicswvHtml Enabling display of Microsoft Word document graphics with wvHtml]
* [ExistingLDAPHowTo Using Horde with an existing LDAP directory]
* [NewLDAPHowTo Using Horde with a new LDAP directory]
* [LdapPref Using LDAP to store Horde/IMP Preferences]
* [LDAPAccessRestrictionHowTo Restricting Access by OpenLDAP Groups]
* [ApplyGlobal Preferences from one default user to all other users]
* [MimeMagic Getting mime_magic, and fileinfo working on RHEL and Fedora Core 4]
* [QuickDatabase Script for creating database(postgres)]
* [RemoveUserData Removing user data]
* [MemcacheLockCleanup Script for cleaning memcache lock files (Horde versions < 3.2)]
* ((Doc/Admin/Config/Local|How to create/edit .local.php configuration files))
* ((Doc/Admin/Config/Horde/Twitter|Configuring Horde 4 for Twitter integration))
* ((Doc/Admin/Config/Horde/Facebook|Configuring Horde 4 for Facebook integration))

+++ Setting up Horde_Blocks
* [MetarWeather Setting up METAR weather to actually return data]

+++ Ansel [http://www.horde.org/ansel/]
* [http://mrubinsk.blogspot.com An example site for embedding Ansel (and other) content.]
* [http://theupstairsroom.com/69 An article explaining how to embed images on other sites.]

+++ DIMP [http://www.horde.org/dimp/]
* [DimpMenuHowTo How to hide one of the duplicate menus]

+++ Gollem [http://www.horde.org/gollem/]
* [GollemFtpJail Gollem config for automatic site-jail for FTP]

+++ Hermes [http://www.horde.org/hermes/]
* [HermesAddressBook Create a separate address book for use by Hermes]

+++ IMP [http://www.horde.org/imp/]
* [QuotaHack Quota hack for mail servers not supporting quota]
* [CyrusConfig Configuring IMP for use with Cyrus IMAP]
* [ImpUWIMAPNamespaces Tips on configuring UW-IMAP namespaces for use with IMP 4.1+]
* [ImpImapConfig Documentation on the 'imap_server' configuration parameter in IMP 4.1+'s servers.php file]
* [CyrusHierarchical Hierarchical folder structure with Cyrus IMAP]
* [ImpAutomaticDefaultFolderCreation Creating Default Folders Upon First Login]
* [ImpDirectMessageLink Linking directly to an email message]
* [AltQuotaH3 Alternative quota command for Horde 3, IMP 4]
* [AltQuotaH4 Alternative quota command for Horde 4, IMP 5]
* [AltQuota Alternative quota command for Horde 5, IMP 6]
* [AltImapQuota Alternative Imap driver quota for Horde 5, IMP 6]
* [ImpH4DisplayUserName Display username beside the name of the opened folder for Horde 4, IMP 5] See "Customization" below for how to do this in Horde 5
* [ImpH4Realm Using realms for Horde 4, IMP 5]
* [ImpSentMboxNotSpecial Display sent-mailboxes in the lower tree instead of displaying as special folders on top of the left panel]

+++ Ingo [http://www.horde.org/ingo/]
* [IngoMulti Two or more backends in Ingo]
* [IngoSSH2 Ingo SSH2 configuration]
* [VactionForward Vacations and Forwards]
* [IngoDovecotSieve Dovecot Sieve with Ingo]
* [DefaultFilterRules Default filter rules for dovecot with Ingo]

+++ Kronolith [http://www.horde.org/kronolith/]
* [KronolithReminders Setting up reminders for Kronolith events]
* [KronolithSunbird Setting Kronolith up as a read-write calendar server for Sunbird/Thunderbird] (see also ExternalClientsHowTo)
* [KronolithICal Setting Kronolith up as a read-write calendar server for Apple iCal]

+++ MIMP [http://www.horde.org/mimp/]
* [MIMPHowTo Setting up MIMP in parallel with IMP]

+++ Turba [http://www.horde.org/turba/]
* [TurbaJoinTables Using multiple tables for a single address book]
* [TurbaOutlook2003 Configuring Turba to use the same fields as Outlook 2003]
* [TurbaCustomFields Using custom field types in Turba]
* [TurbaImportAddressBook Importing external address book data (IMP 2)]
* [TurbaExtraFields Storing Extra Email Addresses in Turba with SQL Backend]

+++ Sork [http://www.horde.org/sork]
* [SorkVacationWithGnarwl How to configure vacation module with LDAP and Gnarwl]
* [SorkVacationWithVpopmail How to configure vacation module with Vpopmail and Autorespond]

++ Customization

* ((LDAPHooksHorde5|Getting Full Name and Email Address from LDAP using Hooks in Horde 5))
* ((RemoteImapImpHook|Let local users access a remote IMAP server with different usernames and passwords in Horde 5))
* [CustomizingPreferencesH3 User examples of default preferences per module]
* [CustomizeMenu Customizing menus]
* [CustomizeApis Replacing APIs with own solutions]
* [WysiwygProHowTo Integrating the WysiwygPro editor]
* ((Doc/Admin|Customization section in the administrator documentation))
* [DisplayUserName Display user id beside date - Horde 5]
* [MixEditAsNewWithForwardHeaders Patch to include message headers in the body when forwarding with "Edit as New"]

++ Advanced Features

* [ExternalClientsHowTo Using external groupware clients with Horde]
 * [SyncML/HowTo Syncing a PDA/Outlook with Horde]
 * [PhpgwHowTo Use applications that expect PHPGroupWare's XML-RPC methods with Horde]
 * [KolabHowTo Installing Horde on a Kolab server]
* [WSDLHowTo Using the SOAP/WSDL interface to access the Horde/Module API]
* [http://theupstairsroom.com/65 Article explaining how to use Horde's API to power external website content.]
* [XmlRpcPythonHowTo Using the XML/RPC interface to access the Horde/Module API with Python]
* [RenameUsers Rename users in the Horde DB]
* [DatabaseCleanup Clean up script after deleting users]
* [RenameRealm Rename or remove the realm for the entire Horde DB]
* [ScreenScrapingKronolith Use PHP to screen scrape public Kronolith calendars]

++ Troubleshooting

* [TurckMMCacheTroubleshooting Troubleshooting the TurckMMCache PHP bytecode cache]
* [IMPNoMessageText Tips on why IMP isn't showing a particular message and why we can't do anything about it]
* [RunawayApacheProcesses Pointers on how to help track down runaway Apache processes]
* [ConvertSerializedDataToUTF8 Converting serialized data from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8]

++ Education

* [CreatingYourFirstModule Creating your first Horde module]
* [PopulatingYourFirstModule Populating your first Horde module with functionality]
* [UpdatingYourDatabaseSchema Updating your database schema]