Diff for Horde4/BCBreaking between 84 and 85


+ Backward Compatibility Breaking Horde Issues (aka Horde 4.0 TODO)

* Fix cloning behavior (See Bug 1410).

* Remove IMAP_Tree::. **(DONE)**

* Merge IMP_Thread:: to IMAP_Thread::.

* Refactor IMP_IMAPClient:: and IMAP_ACL::.

* Encrypt deprecations in Horde_Crypt_pgp::.

* Use one place for clear text sendmail error messages.

* rename files in imp/templates/prefs to more sensible defaults (e.g. draftsfolderselect.inc, not folderselect.inc)

* Remove {{$foo = &new Foo();}} calls and replace with {{$foo = new Foo();}} - The former is deprecated as of PHP 5 and causes errors when strict code checking is on.

* Similarly, don't pass objects by reference ( function foo(&$bar) )

* Move share edit form into framework package to make it extendable.

* Convert all configuration files to XML format (or to a unified conf.yaml, or an annotated conf.php - either way, something the config interface can universally manage and generate)

* Remove IMP_IMAP_Search:: and Ingo_IMAP_Search::.

* Remove imap_reopen() call in IMAP_Search::.

* Checkboxes in Horde_Form that are marked as required should be required to be checked.

* Remove IMP_SpellChecker::. **(DONE)**

* Add a single function for changing the language (handle the bindTextDomain() call also)

* Remove hack to fix app-specific Notification_Listeners that output <p> instead of <li> (in Notification/Listener/status.php).

* Prefix all classes with Horde_ that don't have that prefix yet (also see http://www.php.net/manual/en/userlandnaming.php).

* Filter all input through filter extension or library.

* Use phone form fields, i.e. in Turba.

* Use exceptions instead of PEAR_Errors.

* Clean up Horde::loadConfiguration() mess.

* Clean up VFS_sql to use '/' as the root of the VFS instead of ''.  This will make it behave like the other VFS backends without code to do the conversion.

* Set the cache expiration time when the entry is set.  This is done in 3.2 but the API should be modified to remove the $lifetime argument from get() and exists().  When checking for cache data the check should only be that the data is not expired.  Garbage collection should automatically remove expired data.

>> However, it's useful to have a way to use expired data in the cache, or to have other kinds of "stampede protection" (have the first process that hits an expired entry touch() it before regenerating it, so that other processes don't *also* try and regenerate it - thus the stampede effect). --ChuckHagenbuch

* Don't let Horde_Crypt_pgp methods check for secure connection.

* Remove pref_api BC files

* Fix Horde_Cache_file:: to accept mixed $data, instead of just a string.

 * But http://lists.horde.org/archives/dev/Week-of-Mon-20070305/021221.html

* Use file_put_contents() exclusively.

* Refactor Horde_iCalendar

 * Users shouldn't have to deal with property names, formatting, escaping, versions, etc.

 * Make getType() return values consistent.

 * Consistent return types (array vs. timestamp) in _parse*() methods.

 * Move date/time parsing methods to Horde_Date::.

* Remove pre-Horde_Alarm reminder scripts and supporting classes

* Clean up horrible Share reference workarounds (http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=5086, http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=5422)

* Make editors horde-wide configurable, maybe a preference

* Store all date/time information as UTC and convert to user's timezone

* Have IMAP_Cache:: use !SessionObjects instead of directly accessing the session.

* Make sure that Horde_Compress_* use streams instead of requiring full files in memory.

* Have some sort of Horde_URL object used to create/work with URLs (will deprecate Util::addParameter(), Util::removeParameter()).

* In Browser::, change 'konqueror' to 'webkit' (or add both 'webkit' and 'safari').

* Move browser RTE capability sniffing to Horde_Editor drivers.

* Refactor Maintenance code to trigger it globally on login instead of each application needing to trigger it's own tasks.

* Remove IMP_Serialize_JSON:: and Kronolith_Serialize_JSON::. **(DONE)**

* Remove Gollem_Serialize_JSON::.

* Refactor Horde_Image: 100% native Imagick driver (avoids having to keep the image data in instance variable in addition to the imagick object).  Allowobject), Allow image objects to represent more than 1 image/page.image/page, Move the Exif reading code from Ansel_ImageData into Horde_Image.

++ Framework Libraries

* prefix all framework classes with Horde_

* capitalization (Horde_Xml_Wbxml instead of XML_WBXML)

* lib/ organization, test/, etc. (document new package structure at ((Doc/Dev/Libraries)))

* one framework structure, multiple packageName.xml files?

* pear package names don't include Horde; horde is the channel - pear install horde/auth

++ MIME issues

* Remove deprecated code in MIME_Headers::

* Remove BC mime_drivers code in MIME_Viewer::, IMP_Contents::, MIMP_Contents::.

* Make MIME::_rfc822encode() a public function.

* Make MIME_Viewers responsible for retrieving part contents (so they can determine whether or not contents should be retrieved at all and/or cached).

* Don't link MIME icons to Viewers - show icons no matter what viewers are installed/enabled/etc.

++ VFS

* Use/learn from http://www.php.net/~helly/php/ext/spl/

* Specifically !DirectoryIterator, !SPLFileInfo, !SplFileObject, ...

* Implement and enforce VFS permissions, at least in the backends which do not enforce permissions themselves ('sql' and in some cases 'file').

++ !JavaScript

* Remove last traces of enter_key_trap.js

* Remove code like hideable.js that is encapsulated by Prototype (or whatever js toolkit 4.0 uses standard)

* Global Prototype/Scriptaculous libraries.

* Remove app-specific 'stripe.js' files.

* Remove app-specific 'open_calendar.js' files and extra code in Horde's open_calendar.js.

* Replace horde's popup.js with IMP's version.

* Basically consolidate _all_ js present in multiple apps

* Put core javascript into a package so it can be versioned/upgraded?

* Remove print.js in favor of just window.print

* IMP's spellchecker library could probably be globally available

++ Templates

* Remove IMP_Template, Ingo_Template, and Gollem_Template.

* Replace all templates with a Horde_View class, with a default of simple PHP templates

* Introduce templates for ALL HTML generated in libraries

* Figure out how to handle templates for framework packages

* Default HTML Horde_View should escape all output (htmlspecialchars)

++ Bugs

* Bug [http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=4221 4221].

* Bug [http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=3271 3271] - more specifically, how to deal with addition of configspecial tags. Of course, this depends on what changes are made to Horde's configuration design.

* Un-stall all tickets with Horde 4/IMP 5/etc. milestones

++ To discuss

* Template system (Horde_Template? something else?)

* use spl_autoload() instead of require_once (with Horde_Autoloader)

* RemoveGlobals

* ((Project/HordeSpaces))

* Require UTF-8 support

* Require PHP 5.3+ and use the intl extension (http://us3.php.net/intl)

* Remove confusing mess of hooks and other ways of muddling logins (especially with IMP), and replace them _all_ with the preauthenticate and postauthenticate hooks + appropriate examples for things like vhosting.

* Clean up tobackend/frombackend hooks - either remove them, or name them better, or document when and where they need to be called.

* Get rid of 'realms' (replace with ((Project/HordeSpaces)) where necessary).

* Remove imp['uniquser'] ?

* Horde4Config

* Per-variable session locks? http://thwartedefforts.org/2006/11/11/race-conditions-with-ajax-and-php-sessions/

* Use 1 login screen for all apps? (i.e. Horde_Login:: library)

* Use hash() instead of md5 or sha1 directly for speed (http://us.php.net/manual/en/function.hash.php)

* Deal w/CSS namespace clashing issues in portals (see, e.g., http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=5831). Prefix all css rule names with the application name (.horde-header)?