Diff for GollemModule between 3 and 4

++ Typical gollem configuration scenarios 

+++ Gollem with local files and separate user homes

A typical scenario with gollem is:

* primary authentication is done by Horde (mysql), passwd or IMAP, but not the authentication used by the gollem backend

* you want users to store data in private directories, not mess with other user's directories but have admins who can browse through everything. You don't want the user to have to login separately or decide on backend or something. 

* you want a public repository, for example for use on your website.

++++ How to do 

+++++ configure the backend for private storage 

in gollem/config/backend.php

$backends['file'] = array(

    'name' => Auth::getAuth().'Home',

    'driver' => 'file',

    'preferred' => true,

    'hordeauth' => false,

    'params' => array(

        // The base location under which the user home directories live.

        'vfsroot' => '/var/horde/vfs/users',

        // The default permissions to set for newly created folders and files.

        // 'permissions' => $conf['umask']


    'loginparams' => array(),

    'root' => '/' . Auth::getAuth(),

//don't allow normal users to break out of their share

    'home' => '/' . Auth::getAuth(),

//let users start at the root of their share

    'createhome' => true,

//create home dir if necessary

    // 'filter' => '^regex$',

    // 'quota' => false,

    'clipboard' => true,

    'attributes' => array('type', 'name', 'edit', 'download', 'modified', 'size', 'permission', 'owner', 'group')